Investing in property has never been easier

Get more than 10% annual return on investment , hassle-free


*Estimated projection based on realistic assumptions (including leverage and associated tax savings) to be refined according to your personal situation

Luxembourg, a profitable market

  • A 4% GDP growth every year, making it the strongest growing economy in Europe


  • A surge in housing demand, due to a steady increase in population (+2,2% per year on average)


  • The residential market unaffected by financial crises, making real estate a solid investment


  • Attractive tax deductions aimed at supporting investment in new dwellings


Market Growth

Conservative projection



Annual Return

Rental Income + Leverage

+  Tax Savings

How it works

1. Financial simulation


We define scenarios together, generate a detailed financial return on investment simulation, and decide acquisition criteria

2. Investment offer


We present several investment opportunities in line with your criteria, and find the best financing structure to maximise your return 

3. Project follow-up


We take care of everything, from construction supervision to finding the first tenant, and even full rental management if needed


30 225 176 €

Total Invested with Nexvia


Successful Investments

Why choose Nexvia?

  • Best selection of property including non-public pre-commercialised projects


  • Total independence in the analysis and selection of projects


  • In-depth personalised financial simulations to maximise your ROI


  • Fiscally deductible fees that increase the service attractivity


Expertise and experience

Former PwC corporate finance director with extended experience in merger & acquisition, Pierre Clement has strong expertise about financial analysis, project selection and fiscal optimisation. He is helped by a team of 6, with a total combined experience in real estate of 30 years.

Some of our selected projects

242 Route d'Esch - Cessange


1 bedroom studio - 396,000€

Promoter: Felix Giorgetti

Estimated ROI: 11,5%

Grand Rue - Roeser


2 bedroom apartment - 638,360€

Promoter: Kuhn

Estimated ROI: 10,8%

Rue Pletzer - Bertrange

Les Terrasses de Helfent

1 bedroom apartment - 450,000€

Promoter: BWPromo

Estimated ROI: 12,3%

Discover our useful tools for buy-to-let projects: 

Investment return

What will be my return on my property investment?


Capital gain

How much taxes do I save by selling in 2018?



How much is a property worth?


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